Collection: Montecito Cazita

Discover the allure of the Montecito Cazita, an exquisite cabana that brings a touch of Montecito’s historic grandeur to your poolside or garden. Crafted in Santa Barbara, this cabana is a testament to elegance, featuring a wooden frame that exudes both style and warmth. Tailor your Cazita with an array of options: an adaptable awning for continuous comfort from the sun’s rays, optional curtains for privacy, and shelves for convenience. Personalize your space with a selection of high-quality fabrics in various hues, and interchangeable valances and tassels that allow you to refresh the look whenever you wish.”

What Makes a Cazita so Unique?

Designed with nearly 20 years of experience renting and selling tents. A Cazita is everything missing in a traditional Cabana.

  • Guest Room

    Glamping in your own back yard.

  • Art studio

    What better place to be inspired.

  • Yoga Deck

    Exercise surrounded by fresh air.

  • Spa Room

    Your resort to be pampered.

  • Bar

    What better place to get refreshments.

  • Home Office

    Get the privacy you need.

It's in the Details.

Crafted by hand in our Santa Barbara workshop. Each Cazita is made on site installed and checked for quality before being shipped to you.