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Mosquito Netting MN10

Mosquito Netting MN10

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Mosquito Net
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Mosquito Netting is an option we highly recommend due to it's many benefits. We have designed the curtains with Velcro® so the seals are optimized. It will protect you from mosquitos and other insects. It will also limit the amount of insects entering your Cazita when not in use so you return to a clean environment. 

  • This mosquito netting is incredibly strong unlike the other cheap meshes that you see elsewhere.
  • Allows good airflow.
  • Privacy looking in.
  • Clear looking out.
  • Helps with shade.
  • Think super quality marine-grade mosquito netting. 
  • Solution dyed for maximum fade resistance.
  • Netting Fabrics are CA fire rated (NFPA 701 small test).
  • Anyone who knows will tell you 100% polyester is the best outdoor fabric and it is made to get wet.

Entry Mosquito Net

The Front Entrance curtains are hung from an overhead track allowing easy access. The curtains seal together with rear-earth magnets. 

Dimensions: 43" x 76"

Regal Mosquito Net

Fits on medium window opening. The netting is permanently fixed to top held up by straps. It easily drops down and is sealed on both sides and at bottom by velcro, It rolls up very quick when not in use.

Dimensions: 52 1/2" x 83"

Grande Mosquito Net

Slightly larger than the side opening it has all the same features.

Dimensions: 50" x 83"



                                         Incredibly Strong Mosquito Netting


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