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10'x10' Polo Cazita - Canvas Entry Curtains on Front

10'x10' Polo Cazita - Canvas Entry Curtains on Front

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Base model includes plywood deck built on steel frame. Siding on all four corners.  Redwood rafters with canvas canopy top. Each customers gets to choose which closure is used on each of the four openings. All canvas can be upgraded to Outdura Elements High Performance Fabric in a variety of colors. Contact us with your unique combination of color and item you want switched out.


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What makes a Cazita so unique?

Designed with nearly 20 years of experience renting and selling tents. A Cazita is everything missing in a traditional Cabana.

It's in the details.

Crafted by hand in our Santa Barbara workshop. Each Cazita is made on site installed and checked for quality before being shipped to you.