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Ciesta Beach Cazita - Voile Curtains

Ciesta Beach Cazita - Voile Curtains

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The ultimate Patio Daybed.  The canvas top will give the ideal shade from sun while you dream away in beach mode.


  • Voile Curtains on all sides total 8
  • 3 Designer Cushions Outdura acrylic performance fabric, 3 48" Bolster, 
  • 1 80”L x 54”W x 7" Th Full XL Water Resistant Mattress 
  • 1 Canvas Canopy
  • 2 Solar Lanterns


  • Estimated assembly in few hours by two handymen. 
  • Locate appropriate site on property. 
  • Detailed Step by Step instructions included with shipment.
  • Call us at 805-963-6064 if assistance needed.


  • When placed under trees canopy will get dirty quicker.
  • Wood Treatment
  • With time intense sun will cause discoloration of the wood periodic refinishing of outside with stain will help.
  • All wood has been stained with Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Semi-Transparent Spanish Moss Stain
  • Selected due to it's superior UV protection
  • Resists blistering, peeling, stains, and scuffs
  • Provides a mildew-resistant coating
  • The stain has excellent touch up and re-coat properties
  • With time intense sun will cause discoloration of the wood periodic refinishing of outside with stain will help.
  • Cleaning Duck Canvas 
  •  It is heavy, stiff and dries fairly fast.  The fabric is cotton, so your laundry detergent is fine to use for either cleaning method described below.
  • Hand Washing To avoid wrinkles and the headache of wrinkles clean on a flat clean surface outside like a driveway, or walkway.

  • Spray it down with a hose and use a scrub brush. Rinse out any soap and drag the fabric to another dry flat surface to dry in the sun.  It dries pretty quickly and will remain smooth and flat.  

  • Hand washing is definitely easier and faster if you have a good place you can do it. 


  • Ships in boxes.
  • Total weight 400 lb


  • SIDES :
  • 74" w x 61" d
  • 85" w x 132" w
  • 97" w x 85" D
  • 107"
  • 400 lbs


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What makes a Cazita so unique?

Designed with nearly 20 years of experience renting and selling tents. A Cazita is everything missing in a traditional Cabana.

It's in the details.

Crafted by hand in our Santa Barbara workshop. Each Cazita is made on site installed and checked for quality before being shipped to you.