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Ciesta Cazita Doghouse

Ciesta Cazita Doghouse

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The ultimate doghouse. Made to look like our larger Ciesta Cazitas it is made out of same redwood materials with canvas and Outdura fabric finishes. The canvas roof and sides keeps your dog dry while allowing for improved airflow due to canvas being a natural fabric it allows the air to breathe which lowers the interior temperature for your dog on a hot day. We are in the business of bringing joy to all including your dog.

  • Ships in 30"x22" boxs.
  • Total weight 125 lb


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What makes a Cazita so unique?

Designed with nearly 20 years of experience renting and selling tents. A Cazita is everything missing in a traditional Cabana.

It's in the details.

Crafted by hand in our Santa Barbara workshop. Each Cazita is made on site installed and checked for quality before being shipped to you.