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Granada Cazita Launch Date 2024

Granada Cazita Launch Date 2024

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Base model includes plywood deck. Siding on all four corners. Redwood rafters with canvas canopy top. Optional items include redwood entrance doors and four redwood windows on sides. Sliding and Roll-Up Closures are also available for front and sides. Canvas can be upgraded to Outdura Elements High Performance Fabric in a variety of colors. Contact us with your unique combination of color and item you want switched out.


  • Estimated assembly in one day by two handymen. 
  • Locate appropriate site on property.
  • Slope ok up to 18" from one side to other of deck legs
  • Compact soil above legs placing small paver under each foot. 
  • Detailed 13 Step by Step instructions included with shipment.
  • Call us at 805-963-6064 if assistance needed.


  • When not in use make sure all tarps, doors and windows are closed.
  • When placed under trees canopy will get dirty quicker.
  • Wood Treatment
  • With time intense sun will cause discoloration of the wood periodic refinishing of outside with stain will help.
  • All wood has been stained with Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Semi-Transparent Spanish Moss Stain
  • Selected due to it's superior UV protection
  • Resists blistering, peeling, stains, and scuffs
  • Provides a mildew-resistant coating
  • The stain has excellent touch up and re-coat properties
  • With time intense sun will cause discoloration of the wood periodic refinishing of outside with stain will help.
  • Cleaning Duck Canvas 
  •  It is heavy, stiff and dries fairly fast.  The fabric is cotton, so your laundry detergent is fine to use for either cleaning method described below.
  • Hand Washing To avoid wrinkles and the headache of wrinkles clean on a flat clean surface outside like a driveway, or walkway.

  • Spray it down with a hose and use a scrub brush. Rinse out any soap and drag the fabric to another dry flat surface to dry in the sun.  It dries pretty quickly and will remain smooth and flat.  

  • Hand washing is definitely easier and faster if you have a good place you can do it. 


  • Ships in two 48"x42" palletized crates.
  • Top of crates are open for access and reach up to approximately 94" in height.
  • Power drill required to open front of crate.
  • Longest part is 80" x 20" x 20" and weighs approximately 70lb.
  • Longest part is 80" x 20" x 20" and weighs approximately 70lb. Largest part is deck piece 48"x60"x 2 1/4" weighing appr. 90lb.
  • Total weight 900 lb


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What makes a Cazita so unique?

Designed with nearly 20 years of experience renting and selling tents. A Cazita is everything missing in a traditional Cabana.

It's in the details.

Crafted by hand in our Santa Barbara workshop. Each Cazita is made on site installed and checked for quality before being shipped to you.